Need Technology Consulting

Does your office need technology help? Are these some of the things that come up in your office?

We don’t know where to start.
My office needs a little “boost” to get us on track.
We have technology and want to get the most out of it.
Agents are using pieces but I’m not sure they know what they need.
We need someone to help.

As a consultant of technology I can help you and your office navigate through today’s technology to make it work for you.  No more feeling like you you don’t know what to do!  I can help you navigate the sea of Keller Williams technology for you, your office and your agents!

Just one of the tips and tricks I do for offices and agents is write blog posts to assist them with technology tips.  You can find it at


About Carolyndt

I am a REALTOR in the Tulsa metro area that specializes in residential sales and training other REALTORS in technology and social media. They call me the iCarolyn because I'm also the local apple expert.
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