dotloop Class Handouts & Surveys

If you would like to go “paperless” and download the class materials the links are listed below:

1. Select the class you are attending:
Premium Agent Class – Handout for dotloop basics.  (If you have premium, it will say it on your dotloop profile at the top left.)
Broker Dashboard Class – Handout for staff and leadership that have “admin” access. myTransactions Class – Handout for Keller Williams agents attending dotloop class. myTransactions Broker Dashboard – Handout for Keller Williams leadership and staff with “admin” access.
General dotloop bootcamp – Handout for dotloop bootcamp class.

KW Mega Camp – Handout for Keller Williams BootCamp.
TAR – Handout for Texas Association of REALTORS®

2. Most classes will also have a survey, transaction workflow and “cheat sheet” printed at your location or other options are available below. a. Survey – Click here to complete this after class. b. Transaction Workflow – This is customized to your office and will be distributed by your office.  If you are attending a bootcamp, this will not be part of your information. c. Cheat Sheet – You will receive the “cheat sheet” from class (not posted on the web because only attendees receive this).  If you did not receive one, email to request one with your name, the date and class you attended.

Survey – Post Training

3. For additional questions or comments, connect with me on my Facebook page Tech Tricks at


5 Responses to dotloop Class Handouts & Surveys

  1. Christine Boswell says:

    Very informative dotloop boot camp class!

  2. Nazish usmani says:

    Thankyou loved it!

  3. Herbe Smith says:

    I have been in the agent side of the real estate industry for 41 years. I do not do technology easy. I need step by step instructions. I want sample directions. I need slower spoken instruction. I can see the value here. Thank you.

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