Ready for Assistance

Congratulations on taking the first step toward improving your technology knowledge!  There are several different options for assistance and this page will provide a guide of services offered and if you need more detailed or personal information, please don’t hesitate to text or call me at 918-951-9020.  I could be in a class or working with a client, and when done I will get back with you.

Loop Template Set-up
A loop template allows your agents or staff to select a “template” when creating a loop.  This is the fastest way to start using dotloop.  The customization includes adding the fields for the type of template.  For example: A lot of offices have requested I set up a loop template for On Boarding/Processing In a new agent.  The fields are set up for “New Agent” instead of “Buyer/Seller” and add custom fields like license number, hire date, office address, etc.  It makes it very easy to start using.  Includes set-up of 1 loop template including initial webinar with office staff, 1 workflow up to 8 custom forms fallible fields added and labeled, step-by-step written directions to use the new template, post-set-up webinar to show the staff how to use the new template.

Broker Dashboard Set-up
The broker dashboard is the office side of dotloop that allows the office to determine what process the loops/documents need to go through for compliance.  A dashboard set-up would include pre and post dashboard set-up webinars, customized review process flowchart and set-up of 2 workflows.  This option does not include any on site training.  On site training includes this as part of the training.

On Site Training
Training customized to your needs and at your location.  Most offices are looking for technology training from someone that knows technology and can also break it down to a simplistic way that an average agent can understand it.  The day of training can be staff in the morning and agents in the afternoon or agents all day, up to you!  If dotloop training is what you are in need of, on site training will also include a broker dashboard set-up with a pre-training webinar.  No post training webinar since we will be doing that in person.  Travel expenses are shared with all offices that I’m working with during that trip.  For example if I spend a day with your office, another day with a 2nd office/board and yet another day with a 3rd office/board, then the expenses would be split 3 ways.  Multiple offices can combine training into 1 day.

Webinar Training
Just need a little boost?  Webinar training is a way to get some remote training, but still have the interaction with an instructor.  Sharing my screen and still being able to have the conversation about the topic at hand allows for a good learning experience.  There are two options for webinars, either 1 hour or book a month for a discount.

I will send you the information needed based on the assistance you need.  You also may have already contacted me and since we are working on getting things set up.


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