Talk of the Town

After 25+ states, 100+ offices and thousands of students, some want to share their comments about attending a class with Carolyn Thompson.  Below are just a few, want your comments added, great! Feel free to post more!

Carolyn is a fabulous Dotloop instructor – extremely well versed in the program and all its facets – able to relate to a class w/students with all levels of competencies.
-Sharon Arnett

After teaching DotLoop for 2 years on my own, I learned as much in 3 hours as I had taught myself. Should have done this 2 years ago.
-Ed Herbst

Move to Mastery. I would have never thought some of the things I learned were possible. These tips will save me, agents & my clients time and confusion. Great class.
-Bill Genis

Every Keller Williams agent, broker & MCA needs to take this course, it was one of the best classes I’ve ever attended…Carolyn Thompson rocks!!

I would recommend everyone who uses DotLoop take this Boot Camp. Very informative.
-Jason Demps


1 Response to Talk of the Town

  1. frazzlebum says:

    In the first paragraph on this page please change ‘there’ to ‘their’.
    Spellcheck doesn’t fix everything.

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